Times of encouragement

Thank you, all of you who’ve long prayed for Christian Music Ministries and for my changing involvement, writing lyrics and sometimes poetry for others to use.  It’s such an encouragement, particularly when I’m alone with a keyboard, looking for the right word.

Encouragement has been to the fore. Recently, as I read the day’s Bible in One Year (Leonard’s recommendation) a text came from Roger and team touring Scotland, using the Barnabas musical, plus times of teaching and prophetic ministry. They saw signs of the Lord working powerfully, and lives affected. Now a choir trainer at Lossiemouth had emailed them. She was hugely moved by the Spirit’s presence, imagining Jesus standing before her, singing his love over her.  She is avid to learn more and see God’s work in and through her.

Her encouragement encouraged them, as their text encouraged me. I looked at the passage before me, Isaiah 51:16. “I have put my words in your mouth.” I passed it on, but was sure it was a perfectly-timed encouragement to me.

With no more musicals planned, my role with CMM was, I thought, ending. Perhaps I should confine myself to a poem or two? A collection for 2018? Instead it seems there’s a fresh call for songs for ministry and healing. Tentative lyrics are beginning to email back and forth, seeds sprouting…

Praise the Lord for all the above and pray for discernment so the words and music of Jesus’ love will be sung over many lives.

Alison is Libretto writer for Roger Jones Musicals.



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