“We’ve had quite a year…”

Duncan Moore

Duncan Moore

Duncan writes:
We’ve had quite a year in Student Life with over 70 attending many of our meetings in the first term. Our weekly discussion evening’s topics have included self-esteem, freedom, travel, procrastination and death. From these discussions people have been involved with various other small groups and Bible Studies. One of our student friends organised a day conference on stepping into mission where we are, which over 40 people attended, including some of our Christian students.

I am greatly encouraged that a considerable majority of students involved with Student Life are not Christians, but are very happy to engage in deep discussion about life and God. I have a number of guys, a few Christians and plenty of people who aren’t, who I meet with regularly. I am also mentoring some of the other Student Life staff.

This May I will take a three month sabbatical (this is my 21st year on Agape staff). After this in the autumn I will leave Agape to continue working for a local church in Gateshead and also hopefully to become the Baptist chaplain to Northumbria University. Thank you again for your giving and praying that make all this possible.

‘Musing about my vocation and future’

Duncan Moore

Duncan Moore

Last summer Student Life finished strongly. We doubled the number of student leaders and saw people getting involved and coming to faith. We’ll start next term in the strongest place I can remember.

We have an amazing opportunity to be involved as a society welcoming new students into their accommodation, serving refreshments and introducing Student Life. This gives us the potential to meet up to 3000 students right at the start of their time on campus. Thank you Lord.

Over the last few years since our son Aidan was born, I turned forty and then my dad  suddenly died, all in a very short space of time, and I’ve began musing about my vocation and future.

A number of things came together very suddenly and unexpectedly around Easter with the result that I have now become a part time minister of a church in Gateshead.

I will now be working 3 (ish) days a week with the church and 2 (ish) days with Student Life. There’s loads of potential for overlap, and doubtless a few challenges.

My priorities for Student Life will be helping Kimberley as she takes over sole leadership of the staff team, supporting Phil and training Robbie, the other men on the team, and         developing ministry with the male students. Very exciting.

Pray for effective prioritising and balancing my different responsibilities on campus and at church.

Thank you again for being in this with me.

Duncan Moore works with Student Life, Agape in Newcastle upon Tyne





‘…finishing the term strongly.’

Duncan Moore and family

After a difficult start to the term (I got chickenpox from Aidan) we’re finishing the term strongly. The movement is growing and engaging more and more different people. We have a number of Muslims and people from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual) community very involved. It’s also been wonderful to see a student come to faith this term, come on our annual Fireseeds conference and have a great experience of sharing her brand new faith. There are a couple of other people coming close to faith. This is very exciting.

The team has recently run a project called “We are women” to engage new people on campus. This was a great first attempt, with follow up groups now
running. We want to develop the project next year and start a new big project, possibly based on the famous “Humans of New York” blog.

Please pray for us. Ministry becomes ever more complex as we try and connect with very different people from Gulf Arabs to Transgendered people to people with significant mental health distress and experiences of deep trauma. In the midst of it all Jesus is magnificent and changing lives. Thank you so much for your praying and giving that makes it all possible.

‘Making friends, sharing my faith, helping people to follow Jesus…’

Duncan Aidan and Ruth

Duncan Moore with Ruth and Aidan

Over the last six months I’ve been working out how to make life work with Aidan growing up, Ruth back at work part time, and God continuing to bring many new people into our lives. Being a parent is fantastic, we have traded sleep for joy!

A major theme of the ministry has been the number of students and graduates with serious mental health problems. In the last three years there are at least six students we’ve been connected with, who have made attempts on their life. So far we have had fantastic outcomes with all of them experiencing major healing and we’ve been getting training to better equip us to respond to such complex needs.

Another big theme for me is a growing focus on developing ministry tools and resources. I’m currently preparing a  series of Bible studies in the gospels to help people get to know Jesus as a  person. I’m also filming 10 five minute videos giving an overview of the Bible narrative and thinking about how each section helps us understand our salvation, vocation and life.

The mainstay of my work, however, remains making friends, sharing my faith, helping people to follow Jesus and equipping them to reach out to others.

As always, I am so very grateful for you being a part of this with me, through your prayers and giving.

Duncan works with Studentlife as part of Agape ministries in Newcastle upon Tyne. www.agape.org.uk



Don’t start with Christians!

Duncan Moore

Duncan Moore

Duncan writes: “Traditionally Christian student groups look for Christians and try to equip them to reach the campus. Trouble is there aren’t so many Christians around who want to share Christ with the campus. So we’re trying an experiment: don’t start with Christians!

“We’re building a community of people from all sorts of different backgrounds who come together to make friends, have fun, eat, and explore the big questions of life.

“Our community includes Christians, Muslims, a Jew, a Hindu, Agnostics and Atheists and a Marxist. We explore questions of God and look at Jesus, but also a wide variety of other topics: ethics, philosophy, mental health, life and death and so on.

“This has the advantage of allowing us to honour, respect and engage with a wide variety of different people as well as helping those who follow Christ to think through their faith in many different contexts. In the atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding and respect this creates, we have a much stronger relational foundation to share Jesus.

“Please pray for us as we reach out, make friends, welcome people into our community, set up small groups and help cultivate people’s interest in faith.”

“Please pray for protection as lots of hard things are happening in the staff and student’s lives and families at the moment.

“Please pray for me and Ruth, Aidan (10mths) and my mum Gill as we continue to grieve my dad; and work out how to make life and ministry work as Ruth goes back to work.”

Duncan works for Agape Student Life  Duncan, Ruth and Aidan live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Duncan is supported by Howard & Pat Brydon’s Home Group. 

Sharing Jesus with people who wouldn’t normally come near a Christian group

Photo of Duncan

Duncan Moore

“What do Mohammed, Krishna, Karl Marx, Thoth, Newcastle United and Jesus all have in common? They all have followers at Student Life.

We’re a growing community who come together to eat, build friendships, explore the big questions of life and consider Jesus.

Student Life is an inclusive community meaning we can share Jesus with people who wouldn’t normally come near a Christian group. This is great fun, but we are seeing fewer people respond as those we’re connecting with are starting a lot further away from faith. Please pray for a few people to make a clear and lasting commitment to Jesus which would encourage others to follow suit.

“As the team leader, I have two priorities: the care and development of the staff (five staff and two interns) and sharing my faith with students. There will be big changes on the team next year with one of our interns moving on and two staff applying to serve with Agape in Central Russia doing student ministry with an unreached people group.

“Recently I have turned 40 and much more importantly our son, Aidan John, arrived on 4th

Duncan with baby Aidan John

Aidan John Moore

December. We’re besotted and I’m loving being a dad. Please pray for us as we establish a new routine, Ruth on maternity leave and me back at work.

“I am so grateful for your partnership through praying and giving over many years which makes all of this possible. Thank you.”

Duncan works for Agape, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Seventeen Years and Counting!

Duncan Moore is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and works with ‘studentlife’ which is part of the ministry of Agape

Duncan writes: “After 17years I’m still doing the same thing with as many people as I can: making friends, sharing Christ, helping people to become Christians and grow in their faith, and to pass their faith on to others. Unspectacular, but never dull.

“I was driving a few students home the other evening who’d been at mine for dinner and board games. In the car were a revolutionary communist, a gay rights activist, and the president of the Hindu society. I thought to myself “I have a very unusual life!

“Since Christmas I have been leading the staff team of seven here in the North East, a job I last did about ten years ago. A highlight of this term was our Porn Again Christian event where over 70 students almost all non-Christians came to hear the story of Teresa who came to faith after being a porn star.

“We have a growing community of about 80 students, the majority of whom aren’t Christians, who are meeting regularly to build friendship and explore life and faith together. We’re seeing people come to faith and lives changed and I’m so grateful for your praying and giving that makes it possible.”

Duncan’s prayer requests are:

Pray that our student societies will be set up well for the next academic year
Pray for the graduating students
Pray for Manolis and Jack who are interning with studentlife
Pray for summer projects to Russia, Spain and London.
Pray for Duncan and his wife Ruth as they juggle their work and personal lives.