Children, Families and Schools work…

Jane ButcherMessy Church/Children and Family Ministry – these continue to keep us busy in a positive way! Messy Church continues to grow worldwide. I have recently taken a role on the national Church of England board for children, youth and families.

Please pray for Bishop Paul Butler of Durham and the group as it seeks to support and develop these vital areas of ministry.

Barnabas In Schools – our new theme in our range of resources has a focus on Christianity around the world. This supports the new framework for church schools and is proving popular.  Please pray that schools will gain an insight into the richness of the Christian faith worldwide.

Other popular themes are those focussing on WW1 & the concept of peace and faith in conflict and those focussing on values such as responsibility, respect, forgiveness and friendship. All connect closely with current national and world issues.

As always prayers for safety as the team travel particularly in the darker, colder days are much appreciated.


Messy Communion…

Jane ButcherChildren and Family Ministry. This area continues to grow along with the area of intergenerational ministry. We have valued leading the Family Ministry course at Cliff College and also the Bristol Baptist College training day, both supporting ministers and those working directly in this field in a variety of settings across the UK. We are currently in ‘conference season’ leading workshops across the UK.

Messy Church continues to grow both in terms of the number taking place across the world and in the development of materials. Recently the Church of England Liturgical Committee approved the liturgy for ‘Messy Communion’ offering the guidelines and outlines for sharing the Eucharist in Anglican Messy Churches.

Barnabas in Schools. This year has been a busier one so far. Our new theme exploring ‘Respect, Resilience and Responsibility’ supported by Bible stories is popular for primary schools as Values education is a focus area for church schools. Looking ahead to next year we will be developing a package exploring how the Christian faith is lived out in various countries across the world. Both of these themes support the recent developments within the national teaching of RE.

In addition to the creative days with pupils, we also lead training (Inset). This is valuable for all but particularly for those who don’t have any formal RE training or experience.

As always, we value prayers for God’s guiding throughout our work and for safety as the team travel around the UK and overseas.

Visit, and for news and information about BRF’s work.

Bible Reading Fellowship runs the first ‘Messy Church’ International Conference

Jane Butcher

Jane Butcher

From 16th –18th May there are over 200 delegates coming from twelve different countries including  Australia, Canada and Sweden.

There will be a variety of training sessions including some on nurturing faith in the home. We would value prayer for safe travel and an inspiring and enjoyable experience for the delegates.

On 26th May, BRF are part of a team hosting a    national family ministry conference in Birmingham. Please pray for vision and wisdom as we look for the best ways to support churches and families in relation to this growth area of our ministry.

In October the Barnabas in Schools ministry will launch a new package throughout primary schools in the UK. Pray for God’s guiding and smooth preparations as the programme for staff and pupils is finalised.

Do pray for teachers and those involved in education during times of change, particularly in relation to Religious Education.

We give thanks for such a  gifted team, many of whom work with us on a freelance or volunteer basis.

We value prayer for safety in travel as the team covers many miles across the UK often early in the morning as they journey to be in school before the bell!


Jane Butcher works with the Barnabas Schools and Churches Team of the Bible Reading Fellowship, UK


‘Giving thanks’…

Jane Butcher“Giving thanks for the growth of Messy Church happening across the world. Many reaching out to those who are not part of the traditional church. Please pray for the team supporting this ministry.

“Giving thanks for the continued growth of our work in primary schools. Please pray for safety as the team travel many miles throughout the UK.

“Please pray for wisdom for us as we seek to offer the best support and resources to those teaching RE.

“Faith in Homes – this ministry continues to grow with some significant research findings having been presented. Please pray that the ministry will continue to offer the most effective support and ideas to give families the confidence and resources to live out faith in the home.”

Jane Butcher works with the Barnabas Schools and Churches team, Bible Reading Fellowship, UK  www.




The Family Bible has been well received

Jane ButcherBarnabas in Schools – our work in schools has been encouraging.  The package that has a focus on WW1 and the Christian faith has been popular to tie in with the anniversary events.

We are now working on material for the new theme launching in September that has a focus on money and stewardship, designed for primary school pupils.

Faith in Homes is involved in some exciting developments and conferences. The Family Bible has been well received. In September a new training course for Family Ministry will be launched for churches across the UK.

In addition there will be sessions taking place across England and Ireland over the next few months to support and resource church leaders, so that in turn they can support the families they work with.

Messy Church continues to grow nationally and internationally. The team are currently looking specifically at discipleship and engaging with teenagers, as part of the research and development of this ministry.

We would value prayer for safety in travel for the team; for wisdom for the future direction of ministries as they grow; and that people from all walks of life and faith experience would benefit from the work of Bible Reading Fellowship.

Jane works with the Barnabas Schools and Churches team of the
Bible Reading Fellowship, UK


Thanks for a busy and rewarding year

Jane Butcher

Jane Butcher

This year has seen Barnabas Schools and Churches Team growing, and new ministries being developed.

Please pray for our schools team for safety as they travel, for some well-earned rest over the summer and for renewed energy as we launch the new schools package focussing on WW1 and how it connects with RE.

The ‘Faith in Homes’ ministry is running well with some exciting national and international developments ahead. There is now a website,,  a Facebook page,  and new resources in September to offer families ideas and support to live out their faith at home.

Look out for The Family Bible coming out in September which supports the Faith in Homes Ministry – available from Jane or BRF online. 

We give thanks for the worldwide growth of ‘Messy Church’ which celebrated its 10th birthday recently. Pray for the team leader Lucy and our trustees as they seek to discern what God may be saying for the future.

Jane works for the Barnabas Schools and Churches Team,  part of the Bible Reading Fellowship. UK. She is is supported by Pat Brydon’s Talk Together Group.