‘Urban ministry is complex and never without setbacks and encouragements.’

Spring and summer is always welcome here in the northwest USA. Like Britain, we have dark, wet, and cold winters. April saw our annual fundraiser raise a good portion of what is needed to help our partners create options for the poor and needy.

As well as liaising with and meeting new partners (churches and organisations), I organise the compassionate product initiatives with our partners. For example, the next project is school backpacks in August. The partners who are under resourced themselves help pack and then take the backpacks to their contacts in the community who need them.

Urban ministry is complex and never without setbacks and encouragements. This summer, between 24th June and 4th August, about 20 students from all parts of the country are plunging into urban ministry and living in central Seattle. We have a wonderful collaboration with UGM (Union Gospel Mission) as we train and guide these young people for six weeks. Please pray for us.

This summer will see my first return to the UK in three years! I’ll be in the Birmingham area in September. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you.

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