‘a hugely exciting time…’

Beth WhitehouseThe last few months have been a hugely exciting time for Youth for Christ as we have engaged and implemented our #Pray365 Year of Prayer.

This has meant our YFC Centres and Projects throughout the country have committed to praying for around 168 hours for young people. With over 67 Centres committing, it means as a family, we are covering every hour of 2017 in prayer!

The way in which they are doing this hugely varies from prayer walks throughout the City of Bath to weekly McDonald’s prayer breakfasts in Norfolk!  The purpose of this is of course not about legalism but is about discipline, commitment and intention. God calls us to practise and live out 2 Chronicles 7:14.

For National staff in Halesowen, not only do we now stop and intercede at 11am each day but we also hold prayer days every 8 weeks, nights and weeks of non-stop intercession and every National member of staff supports one of our 74 YFC Centres in prayer through ‘adopt a Centre’.

We also felt challenged that within our own prayer lives outside of ministry, we too are deepening our relationship with Jesus.  Ministry does not take the place of the intimacy in
listening and resting with our creator. We know that prayer itself is not the thing! But prayer is simply a vehicle to relationship with Jesus. It is simply the way in which God graciously allows for us to connect with him, to know Jesus better and to grow in relationship with our Father.

If you are interested in attending the National YFC Prayer Day on the 14th June, where we will have Pete Grieg speaking into the YFC movement, tickets are free but limited so please email beth.whitehouse@yfc.co.uk

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