‘We’re about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus.’

I have recently taken on a new role as YFC Director of Missions, whilst still retaining my role as Prayer Co-ordinator.

YFC’s message and mission is simple – we’re about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus. Overseeing the hugely gifted missions teams gives me the opportunity to look at ‘how’ we do this effectively to maximise our reach and help young people reach their friends. I am also involved in exploring Gen Z research to establish where these young people are at, and therefore what missional tool we take to them as we share Jesus with them.

Currently within YFC, we have six areas of mission:
Marginalised and Inclusion – where we continue to maintain a strong presence within the youth justice system through chaplaincy, education and resettlement, and more recently within preventative and resettlement contexts in schools and community.

Stance – our dance team, and Sense – our worship team, tour schools and churches sharing through school curriculum, assemblies and CUs. Where many school doors are shut for evangelistic organisations, we are finding God is opening previously shut doors and giving incredible favour to share and build relationship with staff and young people.

The Cube – is our brand new touring team that addresses apologetics-led questions through a multi-sensory and interactive-media experience. This team is based primarily within school contexts and brings the bible to life through immersive technology, surround sound, interactive activities and challenging the barriers to faith that many young people face today.

Prayer – We have just completed #Pray365 – an entire year of prayer, with 68 of our centres committing to covering every hour of 2017 in prayer in a whole variety of ways, setting the expectation of a strong and dependent culture of prayer for our staff and volunteers.

The Year Out – YFC continue to run a very successful year out for 17-25 year olds offering eight different streams to meet the diverse needs of young people throughout the country. The young people are discipled throughout the year, receiving excellent training from expert teachers in their respected areas, including unpacking of Gen Z research, Open Doors, Romance Academy, Mercy Ministries and much more.

We do mission not in isolation but in partnership with the local church, and we are really excited and expectant to see how God moves as we seek to join with Him in reaching young people with His good news throughout 2018!

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