‘An opportunity to engage with the homeless & marginalized…’

Chris writes: “As part of my role as Short-Term Mission Coordinator, I have just finished leading a pilot eight-day outreach called ‘Whatever you did….’ (Matt 26: 40). Based in Birmingham, it gives the participants an opportunity to engage with the homeless and marginalized. Though just a small group of two, I was able to take them on soup runs, visit a food bank, a night shelter and drug rehab centre amongst other things. The highlight was being part of a Sunday morning service, along with a Salvation Army band, in a local prison.  The band, I and the two participants got to visit a wing which has been cut off from the rest of the prison to give the prisoners a chance to get away from drugs. The music and conversations that followed meant so much to the prisoners.

“Some prisoners feel forgotten and alone, even in a place with many hundreds of others around them, often feeling they can’t practise their faith. The participants really felt they had been enriched and inspired from their outreach experience in Birmingham. I am now looking at repeating this Short-Term Mission in December for a new group of participants. I’m exploring chaplaincy opportunities as well.”

Lorraine writes: “As part of my role as Hospitality & Housekeeping Manager, I was kept very busy during the eight days Chris was leading the outreach. The participants were staying at the OM base in Halesowen. I like to make sure they feel welcomed, are looked after and that they had a good experience staying on the base. I’m excited to be starting back as a small group leader on a Tuesday morning, at ‘Mothers @ heart’, a local women’s group offering support and friendship. All these activities enable us to share life and faith with whoever we meet. The gospel is lifesaving and lifegiving which should be shared at any given opportunity.

“Please pray that we will have strength and energy to fulfil our roles; for the busy Autumn/Winter season with outreaches and guests at the base and that our planned extended holiday before the busy season starts will give us much needed rest and relaxation.”

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