Seventeen Years and Counting!

Duncan Moore is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and works with ‘studentlife’ which is part of the ministry of Agape

Duncan writes: “After 17years I’m still doing the same thing with as many people as I can: making friends, sharing Christ, helping people to become Christians and grow in their faith, and to pass their faith on to others. Unspectacular, but never dull.

“I was driving a few students home the other evening who’d been at mine for dinner and board games. In the car were a revolutionary communist, a gay rights activist, and the president of the Hindu society. I thought to myself “I have a very unusual life!

“Since Christmas I have been leading the staff team of seven here in the North East, a job I last did about ten years ago. A highlight of this term was our Porn Again Christian event where over 70 students almost all non-Christians came to hear the story of Teresa who came to faith after being a porn star.

“We have a growing community of about 80 students, the majority of whom aren’t Christians, who are meeting regularly to build friendship and explore life and faith together. We’re seeing people come to faith and lives changed and I’m so grateful for your praying and giving that makes it possible.”

Duncan’s prayer requests are:

Pray that our student societies will be set up well for the next academic year
Pray for the graduating students
Pray for Manolis and Jack who are interning with studentlife
Pray for summer projects to Russia, Spain and London.
Pray for Duncan and his wife Ruth as they juggle their work and personal lives.

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