Don’t start with Christians!

Duncan Moore

Duncan Moore

Duncan writes: “Traditionally Christian student groups look for Christians and try to equip them to reach the campus. Trouble is there aren’t so many Christians around who want to share Christ with the campus. So we’re trying an experiment: don’t start with Christians!

“We’re building a community of people from all sorts of different backgrounds who come together to make friends, have fun, eat, and explore the big questions of life.

“Our community includes Christians, Muslims, a Jew, a Hindu, Agnostics and Atheists and a Marxist. We explore questions of God and look at Jesus, but also a wide variety of other topics: ethics, philosophy, mental health, life and death and so on.

“This has the advantage of allowing us to honour, respect and engage with a wide variety of different people as well as helping those who follow Christ to think through their faith in many different contexts. In the atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding and respect this creates, we have a much stronger relational foundation to share Jesus.

“Please pray for us as we reach out, make friends, welcome people into our community, set up small groups and help cultivate people’s interest in faith.”

“Please pray for protection as lots of hard things are happening in the staff and student’s lives and families at the moment.

“Please pray for me and Ruth, Aidan (10mths) and my mum Gill as we continue to grieve my dad; and work out how to make life and ministry work as Ruth goes back to work.”

Duncan works for Agape Student Life  Duncan, Ruth and Aidan live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Duncan is supported by Howard & Pat Brydon’s Home Group. 

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