‘Making friends, sharing my faith, helping people to follow Jesus…’

Duncan Aidan and Ruth

Duncan Moore with Ruth and Aidan

Over the last six months I’ve been working out how to make life work with Aidan growing up, Ruth back at work part time, and God continuing to bring many new people into our lives. Being a parent is fantastic, we have traded sleep for joy!

A major theme of the ministry has been the number of students and graduates with serious mental health problems. In the last three years there are at least six students we’ve been connected with, who have made attempts on their life. So far we have had fantastic outcomes with all of them experiencing major healing and we’ve been getting training to better equip us to respond to such complex needs.

Another big theme for me is a growing focus on developing ministry tools and resources. I’m currently preparing a  series of Bible studies in the gospels to help people get to know Jesus as a  person. I’m also filming 10 five minute videos giving an overview of the Bible narrative and thinking about how each section helps us understand our salvation, vocation and life.

The mainstay of my work, however, remains making friends, sharing my faith, helping people to follow Jesus and equipping them to reach out to others.

As always, I am so very grateful for you being a part of this with me, through your prayers and giving.

Duncan works with Studentlife as part of Agape ministries in Newcastle upon Tyne. www.agape.org.uk



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