‘Back from the campaign trail…’

Emily Mills

Emily Mills

This year I have the privilege of being part of the CARE Leadership Programme. This is an educational scheme which seeks to equip graduates to go out into the public sphere with a firm grounding in what it means to be a Christian in the workplace.

It emphasises the need for Christian leaders in all areas of public life, seeking to bring transformation to society by filling positions of leadership in the secular world with those who have a Christian world view that is grounded in scripture.

There is a particular emphasis throughout the year on equipping graduates for a career in politics, but the remit of the programme extends beyond that.

As part of the programme, graduates go on a voluntary placement four days a week. Therefore, from Monday through to Thursday, I work as a parliamentary researcher for an MP in the Houses of Parliament.

Every Friday we meet back at CARE where we have the opportunity to listen to various speakers, engage in debate and discussion on big issues and study together.

In one of the most hotly anticipated and uncertain general election campaigns, it has been a great opportunity to see what integrity and Christian values can look like at the heart of party politics.

Emily is a short–termer with the CARE Leadership Programme.



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  1. Dear Emily, people as distant and far removed as I am gain huge encouragement in hearing about your adventure with Care. I will be praying that you have life in all its fullness in whatever you elect to do. Have as much fun, joy and heaven on Earth as you possibly can. Lots of love from The Rowses

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