‘Pray for open hearts…’

Heidi HelbOur goal is to reach out to those around us, in our neighbourhood and communities, the message of Jesus, through our words and lives. My community is Alperton in north west London, with a population of 14,000, with 47% Hindus and 12% Muslim.

One of the ways to reach out to our community is through English classes in our church, which we started in May. At first we had seven ladies registered for the Beginners and Basic class, but the week before half term, we had 19 students on our list. We are very thankful for these students, who come faithfully every Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours to learn English.

Most of these ladies are Hindus, so pray for open hearts to the gospel. They’re also vegetarians, so we have to make sure we have snacks without eggs during tea break. We have childcare during our classes and it’s sometimes challenging to teach amidst the noise of the children playing nearby, but the mothers like it when they can see their children.

Please pray for Linda, who teaches the Basic class and myself, as I teach the Beginners, for wisdom in teaching our classes, not to go too fast or too slow, but just right for our students.

Pray for the next step for these classes, that we’ll be able to find another volunteer teacher, for the next level, so our students can continue on to Intermediate.

Pray for more opportunities to get to know my neighbours. I’ve got to know some, but pray for more open doors.

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