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Jane ButcherChildren and Family Ministry. This area continues to grow along with the area of intergenerational ministry. We have valued leading the Family Ministry course at Cliff College and also the Bristol Baptist College training day, both supporting ministers and those working directly in this field in a variety of settings across the UK. We are currently in ‘conference season’ leading workshops across the UK.

Messy Church continues to grow both in terms of the number taking place across the world and in the development of materials. Recently the Church of England Liturgical Committee approved the liturgy for ‘Messy Communion’ offering the guidelines and outlines for sharing the Eucharist in Anglican Messy Churches.

Barnabas in Schools. This year has been a busier one so far. Our new theme exploring ‘Respect, Resilience and Responsibility’ supported by Bible stories is popular for primary schools as Values education is a focus area for church schools. Looking ahead to next year we will be developing a package exploring how the Christian faith is lived out in various countries across the world. Both of these themes support the recent developments within the national teaching of RE.

In addition to the creative days with pupils, we also lead training (Inset). This is valuable for all but particularly for those who don’t have any formal RE training or experience.

As always, we value prayers for God’s guiding throughout our work and for safety as the team travel around the UK and overseas.

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