A logistical challenge!

Jo JowettThe pre-Easter event season was successfully completed. It was a logistical challenge with three events running simultaneously in three different parts of the country. Hundreds of people engaged with SERVICEstation and some who had been helped in previous years came back to tell us about how God had been at work in their lives and moved them into a new ministry.

GOfest has been a strong feature of the last few months. I’ve invested considerable time and energy into making this happen, alongside an excellent team from our key partner mission agencies. The event at Moorlands College happened on Saturday 13th May and it went extremely well with the venue pretty much filled. Our strategy with GOfest is not just to run an event but to use this as a basis for ongoing relationships with local churches to work with them in the realm of world mission. We had over 30 church leaders from across three different church networks gather together in January to talk about connecting with GOfest. We held another follow-up event on 9 June. Pray that meaningful relationships and positive engagement will follow. We will now also start to plan the next GOfest event which will be at All Nations Christian College on 12 May next year.

Planning for the summer events is already under way. Pray that we can recruit the required team members for each event.

We’ve been busy with City Pastors recently having just completed training with a new batch of recruits. Mark and I are also working with Gas St. Church over the next couple of months. One of the 10-week ‘Gas St. Groups’ will focus on City Pastors, so we’ll be delivering our training for that group in a different format and hope that those who attend will join our team at the end of the programme.

Prayers are appreciated for my mum who is awaiting major back surgery. She has already had her pre-op assessment but there’s still no sign of a surgery date yet. She is in constant pain, despite ongoing pain management.

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