‘a wonderful opportunity…’

Ministry Trainee, Christchurch. Durham.

I am working as a ministry trainee at Christchurch Durham, with my time split fairly evenly between administration and practical work, teaching others through talks and bible studies, and being taught myself through formal and informal sessions.

The first few weeks have included a holiday bible club, a conference seeking to better understand how to engage with the culture around us as Christians, lots of cleaning and tidying of the church buildings, as well as beginning to run children’s and youth groups, both midweek and on Sunday. Once the student term starts I will be given further areas of responsibility which I am really looking forward to. There has also been a lot of staff training and induction which has been a wonderful opportunity to understand the workings of a church better.

Give thanks for:

  • Many children hearing God’s word taught and engaging well
  • The team bonding together
  • Being challenged by the Christian Concern (CC) conference

Pray for:

  • The children and their parents to continue to seek to know God, especially for non- believing families
  • The Holy Spirit to convict us of what we learned at the CC conference, and illuminate God’s word to us as we seek to understand how to put things into practice
  • Learn well and grow in humbleness in these first few busy weeks


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