‘Teslam’ May they flourish, May God keep them safe.

During recent weeks in the Middle East bombs have been falling like rain. One drop of this deadly rain and everything melts away. The lives of your loved ones, your children, your home, your belongings. All you’re left with is your breath and the ability to think that you survived one more day, praying and hoping that somehow, someone, somewhere will provide some rice and lentils for you to live another day.

The struggle for shelter, clothes, food and medicine is harsher than ever. The few community centres are like a little oasis of hope.  In one such centre GAiN is doing what they can to support 5,000 people, month by month.

‘Teslam’, ‘Teslam’, ‘Teslam’; one little girl kept saying after receiving food and clothes for herself, her mother and brother. She lost her home, two siblings and her father in the recent bombing. ‘Teslam,’ may they flourish, is what Syrians in Damascus use to say thank you and to show gratitude to people who donated the ‘bags of blessings’ as they call them in this Christian centre.

Please pray God’s protection over the people caught in the middle of this latest escalation and that the Christian community would continue to be a beacon of hope.

Winter clothes, blankets, medical equipment, women’s care packs, children’s school supplies, toys and money were sent to Iraq and Lesbos. Please continue to pray as a new collection appeal is launched.

Recently we have sent two teams to Lesbos to help with newly arrived refugees from Syria and many more places. Pray for the thousands of refugees on this Greek island. We are constantly recruiting for teams and individuals to help in Greece.

Please pray for my UK visa. I have an appointment on the 10th of May and would really like to get it the same day. I am planning to spend one month in the refugee camp in Lesbos as soon as I get this.

I am very thankful and grateful for your friendship, support, prayers, love, and especially for my health, which I am struggling with at the moment. Pray that my immune system gets stronger.

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