Keeping on top of the to-do-lists…

Tom MiltonIt has been an eventful last few months. I am on secondment, with eleven hours of my time for the next six months to review and rebuild the Communications strategy for the Birmingham Methodist Circuit. This is in addition to being involved in their soon-to-be-starting two year Circuit mission project.

Co-coordinating something across 39 churches is certainly a new challenge! To offset this I now have an assistant supporting me in my work in Woodgate to ensure that we continue to drive forward. The good work continues to grow and develop. Prior to Easter we’re looking to trial some courses in self-awareness, which will be interesting.

My prayer requests really centre around energy and focus to deal with the short time-scales involved. Also that we’ll be able to capture the heart and direction God wants us to take, and not lose it in the mad rush to get everything done.

Keeping on top of the to-do-lists for the number of projects we currently have going on is a constant battle, albeit an exciting place to be. In addition please pray for good rest and refreshment outside of work so that I don’t burn myself out.

Thank you all for your prayers, its great knowing that such a fantastic group of people are supporting our work in prayer.

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  1. I was brought up in a small village, Methodist chapel so only to delighted Tom to pray for you as you seek to advance their work. I pray for inspiration and a passion for what you do. Love to Grace. Mac

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